R.I.P. Killah P. We won’t forget, we won’t forgive.


It has been 3 years since the death of Killah P (Pavlos Fyssas).

Late at night on 17th September 2013, Killah P, a 34-year-old anti-fascist rapper, was stabbed to death by Giorgos Roupakias, member of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn , in front of the eyes of the police.

Pavlos was hanging around in his neighbourhood with his friends in a cafe that day, and when they PariMatch deposit bonus got informed about this, a group of 50 people, members of Golden Dawn came to the neighbourhood after taking orders from higher members such as Giannis Lagos, Christos Pappas and Nikos Mixaloliakos (leader of Golden Dawn).

Pavlos was there, trying to protect his friends, asked them to leave and tried to delay the attack. Although he fought bravely, with his own hands, with his own courage, Roupakias came close and stabbed him. (police there, doing nothing ok?)

After Pavlos death, thousands of people reacted to the cruel actions of Golden Dawn and although Greece has had always a strong anti-fascist movement, from that time onward..the movement has grown more and more and still keeps growing, making clear every day, that there is no space for nazis here. However, there is no reason to feel safe. Golden Dawn was the third strongest party in the last elections in Greece. There are many who do not only support this party accidentally but continuously.

Nonetheless, it was the people’s anger that made the case big, and made sure that Pavlos will never be forgotten and what Nazis are doing will never be forgiven.

It was the people’s anger that led to PariMatch promo code the sentencing of several Golden Dawn members to one and a half year in prison.

It was the people’s anger…after a long fight….that led to a huge trial, an historical one, against 69 Golden Dawn members, including their leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, on charges of running a criminal organization. The case file of charges against them ran to over 30,000 pages, including the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, of course.

It was the murder of Pavlos Fyssas that opened the fire of direct action against neo-Nazis more than any other time in the last decades…

But unfortunately, Pavlos was not the only case…and will not be the only case…

As long as there is any space for the existence of Nazis, or Nazi ideas or fascism, it will not be safe for no one. It will not be safe as it was not for millions of people and families who were killed by Nazis…For people that are suffering every day because of fascism.

Today is the day of Pavlos.

And Pavlos will stay forever in our hearts and in our minds.

And every victim…






The future ist still unwritten and WE are going to write it…………..

Listen to 2 of his songs with subtitles:

Read more about that night at wiki: Murder of Pavlos Fyssas
FB pages:

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Not from time to time…but always. Solidarity with refugees in Greece


Dear friends & comrades,

we would like to let you know that from the amount of money we collected as Refpolk and Daisy Chain with our solidarity box in Munich and Dresden plus some money left from the One Way Ticket tour, we managed again to support a “new” squat for refugees called Θεμιστοκλέους 58 (Themistokleous 58) in Exarchia/Athens. 40 people stay here (grown ups and children), most of them were living in the squat “Gini” before and moved to Themistokleous after the end of this squat. Gini is one of the squats that we supported the last time, but it doesn’t exist anymore. It wasn’t evicted, but most of the families living there found their way to the borders, or moved to other places. Anarchists and refugees there worked together, without any support of NGO’s, media, reporters or other system help…

We would also like to let you know that Themistokleous is trying to build in the next building an anarchist library at the moment. So if anyone wants to send them any books or brochures from all around the word, they would appreciate it very much. If you are interested, just let us know, or write them directly: th58@riseup.net

It was very nice to talk to the people and exchanging ideas, and of course to see some faces happy and shining 🙂

But guys, let’s keep this in mind: With some supplies and some money we are not solving the problem…no one should live like this and feel good…. We have to fight for the people not to be in those situations… We have to fight against any system or statement that does not respect the people…that doesn’t care for thousands of dead and drowned…We have to fight for a better world, and not to stop as soon as our “beautiful” personal world is harmed or touched…solidarity and team work is our weapon.

We wish everyone the best.

The future is still unwritten

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Keep on fighting – Solidarity with refugees in Greece!


The amount of money we collected on the ONE WAY TICKET tour, gave us the opportunity to support 3 different projects: *The Health Group of the self-organized Initiative Solidarity of Pedion Areos, and the squats *Gini and *Notara26. See below for more info about those projects.

This time besides the financial support, we focused on supply (food, everyday objects, clothes) and medicine (medicaments). We are very happy that we saw so many smiling faces…we want to continue this support and we ask everyone of you to support in whatever way you can.

Right now the situation in Greece is even crazier, media and police are accusing the self-organized activists, who have given all they got in the name of solidarity and who have worked without getting payed. Besides the propaganda comrades are attacked, even sent to jail. They are trying to persuade the people that only NGOs are doing a good job. But this is not true at all. Solidarity activists, supporters, doctors, who are working with refugees, are the ones, that have been there from the very beginning. They are the ones, that have fought for and with the refugees, when the police or other enemies like fascists started attacks.

The states is planning to put all refugees in camps (that are not ready at all to host people, they do not even have the basic structure) and to «clear» the ports and occupied buildings from the refugees.

At the moment, they say that the self-organized activists and the squats will be evicted directly after the police will have put the refugees in camps. Both of the two plans are unacceptable and we really have to stop this.

Please take it seriously.

*Ομάδα Υγείας της Αυτοοργανωμένης Πρωτοβουλίας Αλληλεγγύης του Πεδίου του Άρεως (Omada Ygias tis Aftoorganomenis Protovoulias Allileggis tou Pediou tou Areos, The Health Group of the self-organized Solidarity Initiative of Pedion Areos) «unwaveringly continues providing primary health care for refugees and immigrants. It has been active already eight months on the road and in structures, where state institutions, NGOs and other speculators and opportunists do not get in. Therefore, our actions in Pedio of Areos, Victoria, Skala Sykaminia, Lesvos, Idomeni and elsewhere, follow the movement and wishes of the refugees, but neither the state nor institutional constraints. For this reason, we operate almost on a daily basis mainly in Victoria and the surrounding streets as well as in the squat Gini (Γκίνη). In emergencies we support the squats Notara 26 (Νοταρά26) and Themistokleous 58 (Θεμιστοκλέους 58).»

*Occupation at Gini Building in Athens Polytechnic
«At Monday afternoon 29/02/2016, after an initiative of Themistocleous 58 squat and with collaboration with solidaritarians, we occupied the Gini building at Athens Polytechnic, in order to provide shelter to refugee families that at this moment are being tossed at Victoria Square.
We invite groups, collectives and individuals to support effectively the occupation for the purpose of turning this building to a center of struggle and resistance against the states and their borders.

Comment from TFISU:
The squat does not accept money, just supplies and everyday objects, and there is not a bank account or a link. The list with the needs (which are a lot because more than 160 people are living there at the moment) is announced on https://athens.indymedia.org

*Νοταρά26 (Notara26, name of the street and the house number) is a squat in Athens, where more than 100 refugees can stay and get food. Also their kids can just have a good time there…and so many other things.
You can also listen to an interview in English here:

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Solidarity with Refugees in Greece

Photo on 2016-01-30 at 00.53 copy

Dear friends & comrades,
we would like to inform you about the progress we have made with the solidarity boxes that we started giving around at our concerts. We believe that it is fair for you to know what exactly we (and you with your donation) support and also to make more people know about and support the purpose. Also to give you the contact of the places we support, so you can support them with your own with donations or go there as volunteers.
Generally and unfortunately, there are a lot of things happening out there, that need our support but we are trying to focus in some and keep our eyes open at the same time.

Here the donations from the last months went:

27/11/2015 Bremen
28/11/2015 Schwerin
29/11/2015 Hamburg
Total amound of money: 1.000 Euro

200 Euro went to anarchist prisoners in Spain.
350 Euro went directly to Νοταρά26*
350 Euros went to Αυτοργανωμένη Πρωτοβουλία Αλληλεγγύης (Δερβενίων) *and specificaly to Skala Sikamnias , Mitilini.

DECEMBER 2015, Refpolk & Daisy Chain at TickTickBoom/Zeckenrap-Gala
Total amount of money: 535 Euro

285 Euro directly to Νοταρά26
250 Euro we spent for 25 sleepingbags and gave them to Νοταρά26

JANUARY 2016 Penthimos Clown, Refpolk, Daisy Chain
8/1/2016 Magdeburg
9/1/2016 Berlin
22/1/2016 Landau
23/1/2016 Dachau
Total amound of money: 398 Euro

The money went to Notara26.

18/3/2016 Leipzig
19/3/2016 Hamburg
20/3/2016 Bremen
21/3/2016 Chemnitz
22/3/2016 Wuppertal 
23/3/2016 Nürnberg
24/3/2016 Siegen
25/3/2016 Mannheim
26/3/2016 Göttingen
31/3/2016 Wien
01/4/2016 Bern
02/4/2016 Bremgarten
Total amound of money: 2050 Euro

The money will go to different projects that we will announce soon

*Νοταρά26 is a squat that houses more than 100 refugees in Athens each night plus giving supplies, food. Some good time for the litle kids…and so many other things.

You can listen to an interview in English here

*Αυτοργανωμένη Πρωτοβουλία Αλληλεγγύης (Δερβενίων) is a self-organized solidarity initiative for refugees, started at Areos Park in the summer of 2015. From September until today it has consistently been active at Victoria Square and surrounding areas, while in October it created solidarity structures on Skala Sikamia, Lesbos, where a lot of volunteers went to support.


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Reclaim and remember!

23 years ago 10 year old Yeliz Arslan, 14 year old Ayşe Yılmaz and 51 year old Bahide Arslan were murdered by neo-Nazis in the German city Mölln. The home of their family was set on fire with molotov cocktails. Other family members were badly injured.
The beginning of the 1990’s was the time after the so-called reunification of Germany, a time of rising nationalism and racism. Since then hundreds of people have been killed and heavily injured in fascist attacks.

Within this year, there have been more than 500 attacks against refugee camps in Germany. At the same time, the government restricted the asylum law. But also many people have supported refugees and refugees have organised strikes and demonstrations for their freedom of movement.
After the attack in 1992, the Arslans were blamed of being troublemakers. Another example for everyday racism in Germany. But the family came together with friends and decided to organise a remembrance for their family members in solidarity with all victims of fascist violence.
We as The Future Is Still Unwritten support this remembrance, and the self-organisation of victims of fascist violence, together with anti-fascist groups. We will play at the remembrance concert in Bremen on 27th November.

We remember Yeliz Arslan, Bahide Arslan and Ayşe Yılmaz.
No one will ever be forgotten.

More info can be found on https://gedenkenmoelln1992.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/remembrance-activities-for-the-23-anniversary-of-the-racist-arson-attacks-of-moelln-1992/

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2 years after the death of Killah P (Pavlos Fyssas)


thumbnailIt has been 2 years since the death of Killah P (Pavlos Fissas).

Killah P, a 34-year-old antifascist, was stabbed to death by a member of the neonazi party Golden Dawn late at night on 17th September 2013. He left this world proud because at this night he protected his friends from being attacked.

We will never forget him, and we will never forget and we will never forgive what fascism did and is still doing.

We stand on the side of his family and friends, and on the side of all  families and friends of victims that were murdered or harmed by fascists and nazis.

We are here to connect our voices and fight them. Until fascism stops to exist. They are the murders and we have to stop them.

And as long as we are a lot, maybe they took some of us, but they can’t stop all of us.

NO to fascism.

NO to racism.

NO step back.


Listen to one of his songs with subtitles: Killah P – Σιγά μην κλάψω, σιγά μη φοβηθώ (ENG Subs) [Παύλος Φύσσας]

Read more about that night at wiki: Murder of Pavlos Fyssas

FB pages:




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