Solidarity with Refugees in Greece

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Dear friends & comrades,
we would like to inform you about the progress we have made with the solidarity boxes that we started giving around at our concerts. We believe that it is fair for you to know what exactly we (and you with your donation) support and also to make more people know about and support the purpose. Also to give you the contact of the places we support, so you can support them with your own with donations or go there as volunteers.
Generally and unfortunately, there are a lot of things happening out there, that need our support but we are trying to focus in some and keep our eyes open at the same time.

Here the donations from the last months went:

27/11/2015 Bremen
28/11/2015 Schwerin
29/11/2015 Hamburg
Total amound of money: 1.000 Euro

200 Euro went to anarchist prisoners in Spain.
350 Euro went directly to Νοταρά26*
350 Euros went to Αυτοργανωμένη Πρωτοβουλία Αλληλεγγύης (Δερβενίων) *and specificaly to Skala Sikamnias , Mitilini.

DECEMBER 2015, Refpolk & Daisy Chain at TickTickBoom/Zeckenrap-Gala
Total amount of money: 535 Euro

285 Euro directly to Νοταρά26
250 Euro we spent for 25 sleepingbags and gave them to Νοταρά26

JANUARY 2016 Penthimos Clown, Refpolk, Daisy Chain
8/1/2016 Magdeburg
9/1/2016 Berlin
22/1/2016 Landau
23/1/2016 Dachau
Total amound of money: 398 Euro

The money went to Notara26.

18/3/2016 Leipzig
19/3/2016 Hamburg
20/3/2016 Bremen
21/3/2016 Chemnitz
22/3/2016 Wuppertal 
23/3/2016 Nürnberg
24/3/2016 Siegen
25/3/2016 Mannheim
26/3/2016 Göttingen
31/3/2016 Wien
01/4/2016 Bern
02/4/2016 Bremgarten
Total amound of money: 2050 Euro

The money will go to different projects that we will announce soon

*Νοταρά26 is a squat that houses more than 100 refugees in Athens each night plus giving supplies, food. Some good time for the litle kids…and so many other things.

You can listen to an interview in English here

*Αυτοργανωμένη Πρωτοβουλία Αλληλεγγύης (Δερβενίων) is a self-organized solidarity initiative for refugees, started at Areos Park in the summer of 2015. From September until today it has consistently been active at Victoria Square and surrounding areas, while in October it created solidarity structures on Skala Sikamia, Lesbos, where a lot of volunteers went to support.


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