Reclaim and remember!

23 years ago 10 year old Yeliz Arslan, 14 year old Ayşe Yılmaz and 51 year old Bahide Arslan were murdered by neo-Nazis in the German city Mölln. The home of their family was set on fire with molotov cocktails. Other family members were badly injured.
The beginning of the 1990’s was the time after the so-called reunification of Germany, a time of rising nationalism and racism. Since then hundreds of people have been killed and heavily injured in fascist attacks.

Within this year, there have been more than 500 attacks against refugee camps in Germany. At the same time, the government restricted the asylum law. But also many people have supported refugees and refugees have organised strikes and demonstrations for their freedom of movement.
After the attack in 1992, the Arslans were blamed of being troublemakers. Another example for everyday racism in Germany. But the family came together with friends and decided to organise a remembrance for their family members in solidarity with all victims of fascist violence.
We as The Future Is Still Unwritten support this remembrance, and the self-organisation of victims of fascist violence, together with anti-fascist groups. We will play at the remembrance concert in Bremen on 27th November.

We remember Yeliz Arslan, Bahide Arslan and Ayşe Yılmaz.
No one will ever be forgotten.

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