Second tour video online!

We released the second part of our tour video! All of the recordings were made during our tour 2014 in Germany, Spain and Greece. Thanks to Daisy Chain for editing! The original song in the video snippet is from Refpolk, Lenkin.Hop (Minsk) and Acero Moretti (Milano). Part 3 of the tour video coming soon! But there is one thing that makes all of us very sad and angry at the same time. One of the locations that you can see again and again in the tour video was evicted and destroyed just a few days ago: Can Vies in Barcelona. We declare our solidarity to all the people who were fighting for Can Vies and who were arrested!

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Can Vies (barcelona Squatt) Evicted!

Yesterday, governement sent the Police for the eviction of this old Squatt.

This place, squatted in 1997, was a Selfgested center, where lots of projects were alive. theatre, martial arts, workshops, concerts, political groups, benefit kitchen… 17 years of activism, died under police attack.

During all the day, acivists were inside, defending the squatt, and put their lives on danger. 1000 people was supporting outside.

On the afternoon, 4000 people demonstration, scream in the neighbourhood, and at the end, people started riots against police, burning garbage, and TV media cars, and attack the journalists.

After riots, police beat people and broke the windows of the alternative newspaper ‘La Directa’.

All our support to the people of the house, thanks for taking care of us, when The Future is Still Unwritten was playing there, and Freedom indmediatly for all the people who was catched by police yesterday.

More info: (catalan and spanish)

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Trento Antifascista

kronstadt was few days ago supporting Antifascist scene in Trento, North Italy.

There, few weeks ago was opened a CasaPound place. CasaPound is a fascist initiative, ‘dressed’ as populist, poor people helping, social center. They use to give food to poor people, but just white italian ones.

Since they opened the center, lots of attacks are happening againts Anarchist centers and people. And some knive attacks against people happened in one month, keeping people near to death. Fascists from small towns or cities around, meet in Trento at casaPound, and after this, go hunting antifa people.

All our support to the Antifascist struggle, and Trento comerades, we are with you on this!

More info (in italian) at:

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Stop the layoffs of 595 janitors by the Greek Ministry of Finance!

Extract from the letter of the fighting janitors:

“We are 595 women, who were working for many years as janitors for the Ministry of Finance. Since the 18 September 2013 we are suspended from our work and on the 18 May 2014 we are losing our job definitely, we will be fired. We are all women, and the gender discrimination is obvious. Most of us are over 50 years old at the retirement age, a pension that we may never get. Many of us are single-parents and the lives of our families depend on our salaries. The memoranda of austerity policies have deprived us from the right to work and life. Today in Greece the unemployment lies at 27% and for women it stands at 62.8%. We have no hope of getting new jobs. We are deprived of any right to health care…”

Read more: (English)

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Solidarity beyond borders – building democracy from below!

From May 15th to 25th protests against the programs of austerity and privatizations imposed by the Troika will take place in Europe beyond national borders. In cities like Rom, Madrid, Thessaloniki or Berlin employees as well as unemployed, retirees, migrants and the youth will be on the streets together against global capitalism and for democracy from below.

More info: (English) (German)


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Panrico. 190 days of Strike

Panrico’s factory in Santa Perpetua (Barcelona) have a trouble between workers, bosses and governement. After kick out some workers, and having the idea of send to unemployement more than 700 workers, and put down the payements in a 18% less to all workers, the factory workers starts an unlimited strikes, more than 190 days ago, the longest in years.

They can resist thanks to the people’s solidarty, who bring them money, food and human solidarity.

Support them!


Info and interview (spanish):

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WE WONT LET THEM to Destroy Syria’s chemical weapons in the Mediterranean (1)

Under an agreement brokered by the United States and Russia, all of Syria’s chemical arsenal must be decommissioned and destroyed by June 30.The plan is to neutralize some 20 tons of mustard gas and neurotoxic agents in international waters between Gavdos, a tiny island off the shore of Crete(Greece), and Malta, on board a 648-foot U.S vessel acting as a mobile station for destroying chemical weapons.Greek people had already started strikes against that plan, that will destroy our natural environment and for sure is going to hurt our lives too.WE WONT LET THEM.
read more:

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‘Never on Sunday’: Greece riots over shop openings end with tear gas, clashes

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Athens’ main shopping district, resulting in clashes with riot police who tried to disperse the protesters with chemicals and brutal repression.

The Sunday, April 13, Workers in shops called again Sunday for work(most of them without being payed) , according to the law passed in the summer of 2013 .This with the compbination of recently voted lows down the ” experimental ” function stores all the Sundays in the three regions of the country , so very soon throughout the territory. Note that many workers have not been paid over 15 months……
The shops open on Sundays and the ‘ liberated ‘ timetables mark a clear attack on workers’rights and in our lives , part of the overall attack on the people.

see photos & more:                          

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Anarchist Prisoner Moved to other Jail

Friend and comrade Francisco Solar ‘Cariñoso’, in jail since 13th November 2013, acussed to atempt with bombs against the famous church ‘El Pilar’ in Zaragoza, was moved without the possibility to inform friends and comrades, to a new jail in Asturias, northern Spain.

For more information and news, and to know the new adress, check the link (spanish):

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