New Raid Against Anarchist Movement in Spain

The past Monday 30th March, the State with his armed group called Police started a new raid to try to destroy the Anarchist movement.

36 people were under detention, and some houses and squats were raided in Barcelona, Madrid, Palencia and Granada. 13 people under ‘terrorism’ accusation. The other was for resistance to authority and squatting (because police entered some squats looking for the people under ‘terrorist’accusation, and catched them too).

The State try once again, to destroy us, our unity, our moral. The invented a hierarchy, and a terrorist organisation called GAC (anarchist groups corrdination),with bosses, economical structure…etc, because they still doesn’t understand that we anarchist are not like them, we have no leaders, no bosses, no hierarchy. They talk about an organisation, GAC, that was a public collective, of people who meet up for coordination of propaganda and to make a book, called ‘Against Democracy’.

This raid is the next step after Pandora Operation on last 16th December, when 7 people where sended to jail for a month and a half, and now waiting for a trial.

All the people under detention is free now, except 5 persons sended to Jail.

The State wants to broke us down, to end with revolutionary passion, but far of this, the only thing they are getting, is to have us more united than ever, more close to each other. To have this feeling that we are in a hard moment and we have to let some differences on a side and struggle together. Now you can see this person who you only see sometimes in demos, or concerts, and you just say ‘hello’, coming to you and talking, asking, giving a hug and staying together. This have no price!

Every single person who fight against the system, can be arrested at any time.

Today is been with the Anarchist. Tomorrow you can be the next!

Yo try to destroy us, but you only make us stronger, and if it’s possible, more sure of what we think, what we feel, and more angry against any kind of power or authority.

All solidarity for the comrades in prison, their friends, families and partners.

Solidarity, our best weapon!

If they touch one, touch us all!

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Hunger Strike Untill Death on Greek Prison

Two months ago, some anarchist prisoners from the organization ‘Fire Cells Conspiration’, where planing to scape the Koridallos prison, but their plan was discovered by the guards.

Since that moment, authorities and police started a Hunt, trying to catch somebody ‘guilty’ of helping them from outside. Friends and family.

On 2nd March 2015 Angeliki Spyropoulou, who was being searched, accused of helping them, was catched by police, and a friend of the prisoner Giorgos Polydoros brother, brothers Tsakalos mother, a friend of her, and wife of Gerasimos Tsakalos, where under detention too.

They are accused of bein ‘messengers’ and ‘revolutionary founds’, because they entered things to the prisoners, like food, clothes, money, and suspicious stuff suposed to help them on this escape.

Because of those detentions, the anarchist prisoners in koridallos starts a hunger strike untill their death, to claim for their families freedom. Because they say all the responsabilities of this jailbreak, is their responsability, and not from their families.


All our support to those fighters, and the family, friends and supporters.

Untill every cage is empty!

Freedom and solidarity!

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Antifascist protests against neo-Nazi distortion of history in Germany

Every year in January more than 1.000 neo-Nazis demonstrate in the East German city Magdeburg to “remember the German victims of the Second World War”. Magdeburg was heavily bombed by British forces in 1945. With their demonstration the neo-Nazis try to distort history and to repress the crimes of Nazi Germany, that preceded the attacks. Besides, Magdeburg is a city where a lot of people live in fear to be attacked by neo-Nazis. For example, the currently biggest neo-Nazi concert in Germany takes place every year in a small village close to the city and the local neo-Nazis are notorius for their brutality. That’s why antifascists mobilise to blockade the neo-Nazi demonstration in January. Here you can find a music video called “Kein Fußbreit” (not an inch for the fascists) featuring Refpolk that supports the antifascist action in Magdeburg.

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Our solidarity to Anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos – 22 days on hunger strike

image.ashx_ Anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos is on hunger strike since 10 November 2014, requesting to make use of educational furloughs from prison, to which he is entitled since September 2014. Nikos Romanos refused to accept the amount of 500 euros and the greetings that Carolos Papulias (President of the Republic of Greece) wanted to give him because of his success with the university entrance examinations. And now they illegally refuse to let him attend his classes.

Nikos is currently in Athens General Hospital “Gennimatas”, in heavy police custody. His health is in critical condition as his heartbeat reached 170, but he still refuses to take medicinal help, using his body as his only weapon. Other Anarchist prisoners have gone on hunger strike in solidarity with the struggle of Nikos Romanos. Comrades from all over Greece and Europe, have already started demonstrations and actions to support his cause.

Tomorrow (2/12/2014) will be the next demo in Athens, starting from Monastiraki at 18:00.

Romanos was close friends with Alexandros Grigoropoulos, the unarmed pupil who was shot dead by a policeman in the Athens neighborhood of Exarheia at 6/12/08. Romanos watched his friend die in front of his eyes after being shot through the heart.

The timing could not be worse for the government.With the anniversary of Grigropoulos’ death looming, should the unthinkable happen to Romanos in the coming days, it may well prove a trigger for new waves of unrest throughout Greece with unpredictable consequences.

However, we won’t let them.

We demand from the government to give Nikos Romanos the right to attend his classes.

Not even a step back.

Niko, we are with you.


read in english

read in greek

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Thursday 18 September: International Day 1 year without Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P)

It has been almost a year since Pavlos Fyssas , a Greek antifascist rapper known as Killah P , was stabbed and murdered by neo-nazis. Greek antifascists are calling for an international day of actions this year in memory of Killah P and other victims of fasism and to make it clear… ΔΕΝ ΘΑ ΠΕΡΑΣΟΥΝ.

10646937_571919382840311_3313467857973746194_n WATCH ON YOUTUBE (with subtitles) :      


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Refugee protests

More than one week ago police tried to evict a former school in Berlin that has been occupied by refugees for more than one and a half year now. The school is an important part of their struggle for freedom of movement and the right to stay. Some of the residents occupied the roof of the school when police attacked their building last Tuesday and has stayed their till today. Since then police has closed the streets around the building to keep supporters and media outside the school. Again and again police tried to end the protests of refugee supporters brutally.

Police against young refugee supporters (video):

News from the roof:

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Hunger strike in all greek prisons, against type C jails

On June 23, prisoners from prisons all over greece begin mass hunger strike demanding the withdrawal of the fascist bill for prisons type C, prisons that ,according to them, are equal to a death sentence. Under which it is removed the right of prisoners to conditional release, permission, the beneficial calculation of sentence time (wages, training programs), and places strict restrictions on communication (visiting, telephone, correspondence).
In a statement the prisoners said:’we start a mass hunger strike in all prisons across Greece. We claim our rights, and we fight to remain humans, instead of human shadows locked up and forgotten into despair’

As reason for the strike the prisoners’ statement gave five demands;

1) No Type C prisons- these new high security prisons have been dubbed the ‘Greek Guantanamo’
2) Furloughs and parole to be a right of all prisoners
3) Retrial of those imprisoned with life sentences for drug offences due to a change in the law
4) Right to conjugal visits
5) Release of migrants facing deportation

The special high security prison, Type C, to be built at Domokos will house ‘special’ prisoners. Other prisons will also gain a Type C wing. Prisoners held in these places will essentially be in isolation as their contact with the outside world will be restricted. The legislation will allow people to be held in these conditions for 10 years with no right to furloughs or parole.
Behind these plans we can see the state furthering its repressive abilities. Recently there was an attempt to classify those opposed to a controversial gold mining project in Northern Greece as a ‘criminal organisation’. This would make those resisting into ‘special’ prisoners requiring high security. In the future anyone resisting austerity or the economic ‘development’ of Greece could find themselves in these new prisons. The plans also clearly target the numerous anarchist prisoners already held and seeks to separate them from the rest of the prison population.
This current plan comes at a time of huge overcrowding and tensions within the prison system. As reported some months ago conditions in the prisons are deteriorating due to overcrowding and budget cuts. Early in the year tensions boiled over when one prisoner, Llia Kareli, killed a guard and was then subsequently tortured and murdered by guards at another prison. To add insult to injury this piece of legislation which will affect and limit the lives of many is set to be debated and voted on in the summer session of parliament. During the summer session only a third of MPs will be present in parliament. So there will not even be a full debate on the issue.
More and more prisoners have joined the strike each day. As of Friday 27th over 3,000 prisoners were on hunger strike. In Korydallos, the main prison in Athens, alone 1,480 people were on strike. Since the strike began on Monday 23rd the numbers taking part have grown.
Whilst the hunger strike goes on inside the prisons, solidarity actions have been taking place in the world beyond the bars. On June 24th dozens were detained after carrying out a protest close to the house of Prime Minister Samaras in the affluent neighbourhood of Kiffisa. Thousands marched in support of the hunger strikes in Athens early on Saturday 28th. Further actions have been taking place around the country.



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