Our solidarity to Anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos – 22 days on hunger strike

image.ashx_ Anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos is on hunger strike since 10 November 2014, requesting to make use of educational furloughs from prison, to which he is entitled since September 2014. Nikos Romanos refused to accept the amount of 500 euros and the greetings that Carolos Papulias (President of the Republic of Greece) wanted to give him because of his success with the university entrance examinations. And now they illegally refuse to let him attend his classes.

Nikos is currently in Athens General Hospital “Gennimatas”, in heavy police custody. His health is in critical condition as his heartbeat reached 170, but he still refuses to take medicinal help, using his body as his only weapon. Other Anarchist prisoners have gone on hunger strike in solidarity with the struggle of Nikos Romanos. Comrades from all over Greece and Europe, have already started demonstrations and actions to support his cause.

Tomorrow (2/12/2014) will be the next demo in Athens, starting from Monastiraki at 18:00.

Romanos was close friends with Alexandros Grigoropoulos, the unarmed pupil who was shot dead by a policeman in the Athens neighborhood of Exarheia at 6/12/08. Romanos watched his friend die in front of his eyes after being shot through the heart.

The timing could not be worse for the government.With the anniversary of Grigropoulos’ death looming, should the unthinkable happen to Romanos in the coming days, it may well prove a trigger for new waves of unrest throughout Greece with unpredictable consequences.

However, we won’t let them.

We demand from the government to give Nikos Romanos the right to attend his classes.

Not even a step back.

Niko, we are with you.


read in englishhttp://en.contrainfo.espiv.net/2014/11/29/athens-updates-on-anarchist-hunger-strikers-yannis-michailidis-and-nikos-romanos/ https://omniatv.com/blog/4911-anarchist-prisoner-nikos-romanos-on-a-hunger-strike-to-defend-the-right-to-education-in-prison http://www.thetoc.gr/eng/politics/article/nikos-romanoss-health-deteriorates-dangerously

read in greek http://www.enallaktikos.gr/ar9825el_me-toys-palmoys-tis-kardias-toy-na-ftanoyn-toys-170-i-anakopi-dystyxws-einai-anamenomeni-i-maxi-toy-n-rwmanoy-me-tin-analgiti-eksoysia.html http://www.huffingtonpost.gr/2014/12/01/mhtera-nikou-rvmanou_n_6247408.html

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