New Raid Against Anarchist Movement in Spain

The past Monday 30th March, the State with his armed group called Police started a new raid to try to destroy the Anarchist movement.

36 people were under detention, and some houses and squats were raided in Barcelona, Madrid, Palencia and Granada. 13 people under ‘terrorism’ accusation. The other was for resistance to authority and squatting (because police entered some squats looking for the people under ‘terrorist’accusation, and catched them too).

The State try once again, to destroy us, our unity, our moral. The invented a hierarchy, and a terrorist organisation called GAC (anarchist groups corrdination),with bosses, economical structure…etc, because they still doesn’t understand that we anarchist are not like them, we have no leaders, no bosses, no hierarchy. They talk about an organisation, GAC, that was a public collective, of people who meet up for coordination of propaganda and to make a book, called ‘Against Democracy’.

This raid is the next step after Pandora Operation on last 16th December, when 7 people where sended to jail for a month and a half, and now waiting for a trial.

All the people under detention is free now, except 5 persons sended to Jail.

The State wants to broke us down, to end with revolutionary passion, but far of this, the only thing they are getting, is to have us more united than ever, more close to each other. To have this feeling that we are in a hard moment and we have to let some differences on a side and struggle together. Now you can see this person who you only see sometimes in demos, or concerts, and you just say ‘hello’, coming to you and talking, asking, giving a hug and staying together. This have no price!

Every single person who fight against the system, can be arrested at any time.

Today is been with the Anarchist. Tomorrow you can be the next!

Yo try to destroy us, but you only make us stronger, and if it’s possible, more sure of what we think, what we feel, and more angry against any kind of power or authority.

All solidarity for the comrades in prison, their friends, families and partners.

Solidarity, our best weapon!

If they touch one, touch us all!

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