Antifascist protests against neo-Nazi distortion of history in Germany

Every year in January more than 1.000 neo-Nazis demonstrate in the East German city Magdeburg to “remember the German victims of the Second World War”. Magdeburg was heavily bombed by British forces in 1945. With their demonstration the neo-Nazis try to distort history and to repress the crimes of Nazi Germany, that preceded the attacks. Besides, Magdeburg is a city where a lot of people live in fear to be attacked by neo-Nazis. For example, the currently biggest neo-Nazi concert in Germany takes place every year in a small village close to the city and the local neo-Nazis are notorius for their brutality. That’s why antifascists mobilise to blockade the neo-Nazi demonstration in January. Here you can find a music video called “Kein Fußbreit” (not an inch for the fascists) featuring Refpolk that supports the antifascist action in Magdeburg.

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