2 years after the death of Killah P (Pavlos Fyssas)


thumbnailIt has been 2 years since the death of Killah P (Pavlos Fissas).

Killah P, a 34-year-old antifascist, was stabbed to death by a member of the neonazi party Golden Dawn late at night on 17th September 2013. He left this world proud because at this night he protected his friends from being attacked.

We will never forget him, and we will never forget and we will never forgive what fascism did and is still doing.

We stand on the side of his family and friends, and on the side of all  families and friends of victims that were murdered or harmed by fascists and nazis.

We are here to connect our voices and fight them. Until fascism stops to exist. They are the murders and we have to stop them.

And as long as we are a lot, maybe they took some of us, but they can’t stop all of us.

NO to fascism.

NO to racism.

NO step back.


Listen to one of his songs with subtitles: Killah P – Σιγά μην κλάψω, σιγά μη φοβηθώ (ENG Subs) [Παύλος Φύσσας]

Read more about that night at wiki: Murder of Pavlos Fyssas

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